Food & Agribusiness

The sector is primarily geared towards the domestic market with a plethora of mostly small sized family undertakings. CIIC has concentrated on a handful of investments and is aiming to create synergies and integration, especially those with export potential.

In the primary agribusiness the portfolio includes Nadco which is a first class farm producing high quality fruits exclusively for export to Europe and developing into the down stream. CIIC also has positions in the two leading firms, Wadi Holding - a world class entity with an impeccable track record. Wadi is also a preview olive oil producer, which for the second year running has obtained fourth place in a global competition and Cairo Poultry - an integrated poultry producer.

In the processed food sector, investments are held in Vitrac, the number one jam and fruit juice producer as well as in ABC the dominant beverage company. Our position in Chipsy, the premier salty snacks company, was successfully exited subsequent to its merger with Tasty Foods, the Fritio Lay Pepsico subsidiary.

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