CIIC's team is its most valuable asset, and has established a solid reputation in the Egyptian market for professional excellence.

Its Managing Director, a Staff Investment Officer and three Partners lead the investment management team of over 30 professional. The latter lead specific portfolio management teams.

The investment Management operation is supported by an experienced Finance Department and a Risk Management/ Corporate Development Group. The Risk Management/Corporate Development Group is responsible for designing and implementing policies, procedure and systems aimed at bringing CIIC to the best international standards of operational practice.

Managing Director: Yasser El Mallawany
I. Private Equity Group:
Chief Investment officer (CIO): Reginald Duquesnoy
Team 1:
Headed by Amr Sheta, Senior Partner.
Portfolios managed: Tourism, Cables, and Paper & Packaging
Team members:
- Injy Mekhemar, Principle
- Ihab Nabil Saleh, Senior Investment Analyst
- Iman Naguib, Senior Investment Analyst
- Aliaa Abaza, Investment Analyst

- Kamal Nsouli, Investment Analyst
- Mamdouh Abdel Wahab, Investment Analyst
- Nadia El Samouly, Investment Analyst
Team 2:
Headed by Hassan Al Khatib, Partner.
Portfolios managed: Construction, Oil, Gas & Energy, Pharmaceuticals, Food & Agribusiness, and is responsable for the trading department.
Team members:

- Safa El Assy, Principal
- Nihal Wahby, Associate
- Hossam Abou Moussa, Investment Analyst
- Omar Foda, Investment Analyst

- Mohamed Kotb, Trading Supervisor

Team 3:
Headed by Amr El Sharnouby, Partner.
Portfolios managed: Consumer Products, Financial Services, Real Estate, and Textiles.
Team members:
- Ramzy Abou El Seoud, Principal
- Mohamed Salem, Senior Investment Analyst
- Ahmed Mokhtar, Investment Analyst
Team 4:
Headed by Hany Al Sonbaty, Associate.
Portfolios managed: Technology, Media & Telecommunication (TMT)
Team members:
- Ahmed Gomaa, Senior Investment Analyst
- Srdja Ivekovic, Senior Investment Analyst
- Tarek El Khattabi, Investment Analyst
II. Financial & Administrative Group:
Chief Financial Officer (CFO): Ahmed Abdallah
A-Financial Team members:
- Ahmed Talaat Naguib, Assistant Manager Financial Control
- Said Abdel Hamid
, Supervisor Financial Control
- Suzan Luther, Supervisor Trading Settlement & Investment Administration
- Mohamed Abd El Sattar, Accountant
- Maha Eid, Accountant
B-Administration & Personnel Team Member:
- Maha Mahgoub
C-IT Support Team members:
- Mohamed Gamal Senan, System Administrator
- Ahmad Nabil Moussa, System Support
III. Risk Management & Corporate Development Group:
Partner: Michael Harvey Phillips
Team members:
- Khaled El Sheikh, Deputy Manager
- Yasmine Fahmy, Risk Management Analyst
- Hisham Shafeik, Clerk
Corporate Secretaries:
- Azhar Soliman, Executive Secretary (Managing Director's Office)
- Dalia Farid, Secretary (Managing Director's Office)
- Amira Ahmed, Secretary (Private Equity Group)
- Samah Rafeek, Secretary (Private Equity Group)
- Nesreen El Khashef, Secretary (Financial Group)
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