The Egyptian pharmaceutical industry remains highly fragmented, introverted and in dire need of consolidation. As an integral component of the government's health care strategy, it will require to be profoundly restructured in the coming years, with the looming TRIPS agreement, starting in 2005, imparting an additional sense of urgency. The industry slowed considerably in year 2000 both in volume and prices.

CIIC has investments in three of the most promising and profitable companies of the industry:

Amereya Pharmaceutical Company is an established player with a solid product line and a good audience in the private market.

T3A is a fast growing newcomer with a strong position in the public funded sector. The company has just completed a state of the art manufacturing facility in Assiut, which is in the process of gaining US FDA approval, a first for the country and region. It is aggressively positioning itself for exports, an endeavor, which has so far eluded all other industry participants.

CIIC has also a state in Otsuka, the Egyptian subsidiary of a large Japanese Pharmaceutical Company, which is continuing to perform exceptionally well.

In recognition of the potential of the industry in the generic drugs segment, CIIC is an active promoter and catalyst in the eventual formation of a national company, capable of insuring the basic local needs but equally able to capitalize on the export potential in the developing world.

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